Who Can Be Here

Who Can Be Here

As the region’s technology park, DSO caters to the technology sector and supporting companies and services. DSO caters to a wide range of businesses including those in the following sectors:

Hi-Tech Sector

DSO specifically focuses on those companies operating in the hi-tech sector including the following industries:

Mobile technology is one of the leading technology sectors in today’s ICT world. With both hardware manufacturers and vendors all competing by releasing the latest gadgets from multi-touch screens to blazing fast chipsets to hybrid models. Mobile applications are proving to be the ‘go to market’ for many ICT companies all releasing different variations for their apps in addition to mobile enterprise solutions that are tailored to the corporate sector.
This fast-developing and lucrative sector has shown the strongest growth in numbers and in the shortest period of time so no wonder the world’s millionaires are emerging from this viral part of the industry. Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are just some well known examples of internet companies that have become household names.
Cloud computing has become a buzz word with almost every ICT company striving to move to the cloud. Many innovative solutions are being built or moved online to become more reliable and sustain a more robust business model with the slashing of in-house IT costs and hosting entire infrastructures on the cloud. With the cloud becoming the de-facto standard in some parts of the ICT world it has created a demand to provide more diverse offerings in terms of services. This approach has fashioned a drive to utilize virtualization technologies to the extreme and consequently enjoy a greater ROI on the same piece of equipment.
Not a sector per se but nevertheless a vital ingredient to the region’s development. Most applications and solutions are unfortunately not tailored to an untapped region of 330 million speaking the same language. This is in addition to the opportunities spanning across all sectors of the ICT industry for home-grown local innovation which we see as huge business potential.
Software is integral to technology development and implementation with many of today’s solutions providing online options otherwise known as software-as-a-service. Leveraging new technologies such as cloud computing in addition to legacy enterprise software means this sector is key to the whole technology market.
The legacy of Dubai Silicon Oasis originates from the semiconductor sector which has dramatically grown both regionally and internationally. In particular, the semiconductor market in the Middle East is flourishing with a variety of mergers and acquisitions. Dubai Silicon Oasis proudly hosts the region’s leading chip design centre Dubai Circuit Design in addition to several other companies in this field.

Other Sectors

  • IT, telecom, electrical, electronic, engineering and related activities
  • Consultants, law firms, finance institutions, any many more.
  • Bio-tech, automobile, aerospace, oil and gas, alternative energy and many others

Types of Activities at DSO

  • Company headquarter offices, sales & marketing, support offices training centres, etc.
  • Import/export, distribution, testing and checking etc...
  • Assembly & packing
  • Manufacturing & Storage

In addition to the array of high-quality facilities for offices, warehousing and manufacturing DSO also offers companies plots of land for them to establish their own properties. For more information please see Land for development

Our Partners

Fujitsu, AMD, Western Digital, Synopsys, Corning and Schneider Electric are just some of our reputed partners operating in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

For further information:

(+971) 4 501 5555



Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a great vantage point for Schneider Electric with its first-rate facilities, customer-friendly business services and a traffic-free location that allows quick and easy access to most of Dubai. All in all, DSO has proven to be a productive environment for staff and a great location for the company's strategic operations.

John A. Griffiths - Country President - Gulf Countries

Our move to DSOA has proved to be highly beneficial; not only from a company perspective of being based in the region's leading technology community, but also to end-users who are directly benefiting from our products and services on offer. At Silicon Oasis, we are ideally positioned to serve the whole MENA region, Turkey, CIS, and South Asia in a very efficient and responsive manner; which allows us to seize all the growth opportunities that these markets have to offer.

Saif Khwaja - Director of Sales Middle East and Africa

Fujitsu was one of the first IT companies to begin operations in DSO. We chose the technology park because of its top-class facilities and infrastructure. The excellent support we have received from DSO during our time here has enabled us to conduct efficient business with our partners and customers located across the Middle East region

Farid Al Sabbagh - Managing Director - Middle East

Wacker is a global leader in the chemicals industry that serves customers from virtually all industrial sectors. For this reason it was essential to find a strong and reliable partner in the Middle East offering the right infrastructure to host our operations. Dubai Silicon Oasis gave us great support and made setting up our business very easy. This high-tech environment is the right place to focus on growing our business.

Cyril Cisinski - President