Freehold Setup Process

Freehold Setup Process

To set up your business within the Administrative Zone of DSO simply follow our business set up process and provide the following documents listed below.





1SUBMIT APPLICATION FORMComplete relevant application form for desired entity and submit with required documents to DSOA Company Establishment Affairs Section DOCUMENT PRE-APPROVALSubject to document review (activity & security check) initial approval and invoices are issued to the client
2FEE PAYMENT & LEGAL DOCUMENT SUBMISSIONPayment of related fees and submission of legal documents ISSUE OF LETTER FOR BANK ACCOUNTDSOA to issue a letter allowing the FZE/FZCO entity to open a bank account with a Dubai bank & deposit capital (only applicable for FZE/FZCO)
3FZE/FZCO TO SUBMIT SHARE CAPITAL LETTERClient submits bank share capital letter to DSOA LICENCE ISSUED Registration documents & licence issued

Document Checklist

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for Initial Approval - FZCO, FZE & Branch:

  1. Completed DSOA Freehold/Leasehold Application Forms.
  2. DSOA Company Investment Plan (FZE & FZCO).
  3. Recent Annual Financial Report (For Branch & non-individual shareholder Audited, if available) or Bank Reference letter (individual shareholder).
  4. Power of Attorney (only required if signing on behalf of the founders)
  5. Project Summary Letter
  6. Shareholder‘s (FZE & FZCO) & Manager passport copy
  7. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation (Branch & Non-Individual Shareholder)
  8. Trade Licence of the mother company or shareholder (applicable for local company only)
  9. NOC from current sponsor (for individuals)
  10. Complete Acknowledgement Form (P&D)
  11. Unit Title Deed
  12. Office Tenancy Contract (required after initial approval and prior to registration)

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for Initial Approval - Business Operation Permit:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Complete DSOA Business Operation Permit application form
  3. Freehold/Leasehold Acknowledgement form
  4. Manager passport copy
  5. Copy of DED-Dubai Economic Development Trade Licence
  6. Copy of the Unit Title Deed (issued by the Land Department under the unit owner name)
  7. Office Tenancy Contract (required after initial approval and prior to registration)

Capital Requirement for FZE/FZCO

Minimum Start Up Capital required is AED 100,000

  • In case of FZE, each share shall be in multiples of AED.100,000/-
  • In case of FZCO each share shall be in multiples of AED.10,000/-

Time Taken

Application process = 7days

Registration = Variable (depending on the provision of legal documentation by the applicant)

License & Lease Agreement Issue = Within 2 days from receipt of all legal documents and payment

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