RIT Dubai

RIT Dubai

In partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology based in Rochester, New York, an internationally recognized leader in professional and technology-oriented education, DSOA has established RIT Dubai which was created to ensure the DSO community has a pool of talented hi-tech professionals.

Launched in 2008, RIT Dubai offers the same accredited degrees that are offered by Rochester Institute of Technology which was originally founded in 1829 and is now the 15th largest private university in the USA. RIT has a track record of high-quality, competitive, technology-based educational bachelors and masters degree programs that meet business and industry needs, and prepare students for successful careers in a global society. The university will also offers curricula and advance scholarship relevant to emerging technologies and social conditions of the region.

Graduate Programs

RIT currently offers bachelor degrees, masters degrees and advanced certificates in the following fields:

Bachelor degrees:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Management

Masters degrees:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Service Leadership and Innovation
  • Networking Security Systems Administration

Corporate Advanced Certificates:

RIT Dubai offers customised courses to corporations in order to help train and develop employees. In addition, certificates can be used towards one of its master degree programs.

Research Programs:

Onsite Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai offers companies DSO partner research programs which include sponsor benefits such as full ownership/IP patent.

For further information please visit R.I.T.'s official website.

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