Silicon Park

Spanning an area of 150,000 square metres, "Silicon Park" is set to become the first smart city project to take shape at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The "Silicon Park" project has been designed to comply with the Dubai Government’s strategic direction on smart cities that focus on six pillars: life, society, mobility, economy, governance and environment.

Set for completion in Q1 2019, "Silicon Park" will comprise:

  • 71,000 square metres office space
  • 25,000 square metres commercial space
  • 46,000 square metres residential area
  • 112-key business hotel and 59 furnished apartments
  • Value-added facilities
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Project Details

Energy and Sustainability

The project is compliant with the UAE Green Building Regulations and Specifications, as well as the international LEED standard, and seeks to enhance environmental sustainability. The project will be built with ‘green’ building material and control mechanisms as well as solar panels and double-glazed windows to reduce heat absorption..


As a smart community, “Silicon Park” will feature intelligent solutions from charging-docks for smart devices on the street to smart pop-up furniture and digital play tables, as well as optimally-designed bus shelters, piazzas shading, and other public amenities.

As part of the ‘smart’ experience, free Wi-Fi will be available to tenants and visitors in the premises, giving them access to a wide range of innovative applications and smart robotic technology solutions.

Sporting Activities

The project will feature facilities that enhance the concept of modern, healthy living. It will feature facilities such as health and fitness centers, running and cycling trails, allowing residents the choice of enjoying various sporting activities and prioritizing their health to lead a more holistic lifestyle.

Mobility and Transportation

The "Silicon Park" complex will be completely devoid of vehicles. Instead, electric vehicles will serve as the primary form of transportation. A number of charging stations will be set up across the area that can be accessed by all residents and visitors with electric vehicles. The project will also include other means of transportation such as smart rechargeable electric bikes.

Business Offering

The "Silicon Park" project will comprise a spectrum of office spaces and modern business facilities including meeting halls, a multi-use conference centre, residential units and spaces for retail outlets. The facility will also include interactive advertising billboards mounted on the building’s glass facade with the use of smart glass technology that protects the transparency of the glass and allows a complete clear view from within and without the structure. Smart applications in the public services sector for license issue and renewal will be also implemented.


"Silicon Park" will consist of a control centre that collects and analyses data and information gathered through the sensor devices available at the project’s site. The compiled information will serve to operate and manage these devices in a seamless manner to ensure the delivery of best smart services to employees, residents and visitors.



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