Comprehensive Network Services

DSO’s comprehensive network solution provides companies with an advanced communication platform for data networking which does not require any upfront investment. Our ICT infrastructure provides high speed network access and a hassle free experience in starting business operations. We offer clients high flexibility of network solutions which can be configured to almost any size to accommodate the needs of small, medium, and large networks.

DSO’s communications platform is continuously developed to stay up to date with the latest international trends and maintain international standards of networking. The rapid deployment of plug and play networks accompanied with the flexible physical and user reconfiguration provides companies with the opportunity to save on operation costs.

Cabling Connectivity

Designed for gigabit applications, DSO deploys an extensive and comprehensive portfolio of structured connectivity solutions for its cabling infrastructure. This serves as the ideal single cabling solution for DSO’s integrated network providing video, voice, and data through a single platform.

Each office contains floor boxes with a flexible number of data/voice sockets that are connected to the main IT service room (IDF) on each floor. The cabling employed uses the latest copper technology of Cat–6 E. In addition, DSOA provides vertical fibre connectivity from the service room (IDF) in each of the main data centres.

Network Components

DSOA has partnered with leading networking manufacturers for its active network components including switches, routers, and security appliances. The highest levels of availability, redundancy, scalability, and quality are ensured with load balancing and failover systems.

Data Services

DSOA provides high-speed, active data points to floor boxes based on client's business requirements. These data points are used to connect a range of equipment such as PCs, laptops, shared devices, and shared printers via 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connections.

Furthermore, DSOA offers flexible solutions for office network setup plus a lease facility and adequate space within the IDF room for network components.

Working Hours

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